Christmas Creatures | Craft 1


Creatures lessons aren’t complete without creature crafts and these very cute fluff-ball sheep are both simple and quick to make.


You will need some packaging card, scissors, 2-3 cotton wool balls per sheep, colouring pens, a toothpick, a glue stick and the printout (contains 11 sheep per page). You may also choose to use a craft hole-punch and a thick needle.

Printout PDF – one page


Stick the printout on the card and cut out one head and 2 sets of legs for each sheep. They don’t have any colour so you’ll need to add some!

If you want to use the sheep for a display then double up and stick other set to the back of the card too, or use the shapes as purely as templates and don’t add any decoration.


Thread one cotton ball onto the middle of your toothpick. If you have trouble try using a thick needle to make a hole first.


If you are using a small hole-punch then make a hole at the top middle of each set of legs. You may be able to do this with your toothpick dependant on how sharp/strong it is.

Add a little glue to both sides of the legs, this is not necessary but will stop the sheep coming apart. Thread the legs onto the sheep either side of the cotton wool ball.


The remaining cotton wool makes the rest of the body. I’d recommend sniping a ball in half for the head and tail but you can use whole cotton wool balls if you wish.


Lastly add the head by adding glue to the back and pushing into the head.


If you are feeling brave snap your toothpick at the legs so the neck goes upwards. This makes a big difference to the shape but is not necessary.


If you are feeling very adventurous why not use some craft pompoms and try making a camel… or perhaps even a donkey?




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