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Christmas Creatures | Craft 2


Chocolate advent calendars are tasty, lift the flap pictures are fun, but this advent calendar is all focused on one thing, the night the angels come sing to the sheep.

Here I use cotton wool balls, but print it smaller and you could use buttons, circles of card, or halves of styrofoam balls. Incorporate a daily prayer, or just use as a counting activity while making the craft with a younger group.
Christmas Creatures | Craft 2


Christmas Creatures | Craft 2 Nothing complex here. Just scissors, the template image, glue and lots of cotton wool balls!
Template link Here


Christmas Creatures | Craft 2 Print the sheep as large as you can. Cut out both the sheep and the banner. The banner is not flat, fold along the dotted lines before sticking it to the sheep’s feet. You could also add holes for hanging or magnetic strips for placing on the fridge.


Christmas Creatures | Craft 2 Make sure each child has 24 cotton wool balls (or whatever you are using) for their sheep, and then the hard part, wait for Christmas eve to see your sheep in all their glory!


Christmas Creatures | Craft 2 I did this last year for myself with buttons and loved the result, here is the finished sheep, loving removed from my noticeboard the following November 🙂



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