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Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 2


The story of the crippled woman explores the idea of making the Sabbath a recognisable day. Inspired by the beautiful printable paper chains on allsorts I designed this simple but clear Sabbath linked activity.

The idea behind this craft is simple, you thread 6 busy chains and one contrasting blank chain to represent the day you stop, the Sabbath day.
Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 2


Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 2 I’ve provided 2 PDF documents for this one. The first (pictured) is a full colour page which would be suitable for groups with fewer children or independent activity packs.

The second larger file has each day on a separate sheet so that they can be printed directly onto white and coloured paper.


Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 2 The printout is designed to give the children a chance to personalise the decoration a little. It can be printed on a full page or with 2 to a page to get a smaller strip.

Used here for the story of the Crippled woman, this could link to many passages and themes related to taking time out of our daily activities. You could replicate the idea with wrapping paper or plain coloured paper stock if printing is an issue – Just make sure the Sabbath day is instantly recognisable as being different.



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