Crippled Woman (Luke 13) | Craft 1


This is a simple folding craft to create the two pictures of the crippled woman, looking from one side you see her bent over and sad, from the other side you see her happy and standing straight.


I would recommend printing on sturdy paper if possible, but this craft does work on regular printer paper too. The pdf link.

Start by cutting out the two shapes. The concertina can be folded without scoring but I would recommend scoring if you can.


As a child I was taught to score with a craft knife or pair of scissors. Scoring tools are available but can be expensive for a classroom. Recently I have been scoring using a push pin and a ruler. The lack of a blade means the ruler can be plastic without getting damaged and the push pin gives a firm hold


Using the mark in the middle of the image make a mountain fold. This will ensure the healed image is to the right. Continue to fold the concertina until the whole piece is folded.


If you are using paper – Take the backing square and add a few strips of double sided tape to the back. This is not necessary but will help give the finished piece weight and hold the concertina in place.

Wrap the final fold round the edge of the backing card and glue or staple or use double sided tape to secure in place.




This small version has 14 pieces, if you have older kids then you can use one of the two versions below, each with 20 pieces. For the most clear result use the image without black lines – there are faint white lines to get the folding started. These work rather well pinned to a notice board.




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