David’s City (2 Samuel 5) | Craft

In this sessions’ story, David climbs the water shaft with his men to attack the city. This climbing David craft uses a loop of string or ribbon to raise our David up the water shaft!

David's city climbing craft setup

To make this craft, you will need the 1-page template printout, scissors, and some paper glue.

David's city climbing craft cut out

Cut out the shape.

David's city climbing craft fold

Fold the two sides behind the image to create a funnel shape.

David's city climbing craft glue

Either glue or tape the two sides together to form a flat tube.

Thread a loop of ribbon or string through your funnel, so the looped end is at the narrow end of the tube.

David's city climbing craft

Hook the loop around something firm and pull alternating sides to have David climb.
(Or, pull the two strings apart to see David move quickly!)

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A4 size
(210 x 297 mm)

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US letter size
(8.5″ x 11″)

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