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David’s City (2 Samuel 5) | Games


David’s City (2 Samuel 5) Games


David has finally become king, he’s lead his new army with the crown on it’s head to the city of Jerusalem intent on making it his home base. These games tie into different parts of the story, David’s crown as king, the crawling through the water shaft and the strategic position of Jerusalem.




King of the tower – the aim of this game is to get your ‘king’ (ideally a piece from a board game) higher than anyone else’s. Give each student the same number of “building blocks” and a time limit of 1 minute. Building blocks can be anything, not just blocks! (piece of paper, cup, sticky tape…)
Link: David was king of his new capital city.

Pin the crown – this “Pin the tail on the donkey” spin off sees kids pin the crown on David’s head… or not! All you need for this game is to draw a picture of David’s head and a crown shape with some sticky tape on it!
Link: David was finally king

Through the hoop – kids link hands, and a hula hoop is given to the person at one end who then must pass it down the line without the kids’ hands letting go of their neighbour.
Link: David’s troops climbing through the tunnels.

Obstacle course – The journey through that water-shaft can’t have been easy or the Jesubites would have thought of it as a weakness – similarly get your kids to squeeze through spaces by setting up a classic obstacle course with whatever you have on hand.
Link: David’s troops climbing through the tunnels.

Battle ships– If you have access to this game to play as a group on the big screen it’s a great one to think about why David was strategic in choosing Jerusalem.




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