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Gideon (Judges 7) | Craft


The most iconic things about Gideon are his fleece and his trumpet. Trumpets are just more fun! We loved this craft and it was really easy to make.

This trumpet craft uses Styrofoam as it’s base and attaches party blower to the back. If you don’t have any flat Styrofoam any thick material would work as long as it doesn’t bend easily. If all you have is card then make two shapes and sandwich them each side of the party blower.
Gideon (Judges 7) | Craft

You will need – Styrofoam, party blowers, ribbon, & felt tip pens.
Optional extras – trumpet template, Gideon images, glue stick, paint, & thumb-tacks.
This image links directly to the template image.
The basic horn is really simple. Just cut out the shape, decorate a little and then turn the craft over.
On the back cut a small grove to help the party blower stay in place. Tape securely it with 2 or three pieces of sticky tape, and tie a ribbon round.
If you have some more time then paint the front, top and wider end in paint. I chose yellow with a little gold mixed in. Don’t paint the end nearest the child’s mouth!
Cut the images of Gideon out and paste them on the end of your craft. Decorating with thumb-tacks works well, but remember to warn the children they are sharp – alternatively use felt pens, paint or stamps.
Remember, the mouth piece of the party blower must stick out the end, Styrofoam when wet is horrible!
WARNING, while the kids may love this, you’ll be apologising to the parents, cause they are a bit loud!

We let the kids blow softly during the service, unravelling the blower so it stuck out the end but made no sound, then after the service they let it rip!


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