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Gideon – Judges 7 | Games


If your group has a favourite competitive game then do use it, if not then here are some slightly less competitive suggestions.


What’s that sound – Find some free mp3 sound effects and download them. Try to quieten the children and get get them to identify the sounds you play. What emotions do they link with the sounds they are hearing?

Mug pieces – Using the image of a mug provided here. Cut the image into sections, to form a jigsaw. take all the pieces for one mug and then a few extra pieces and place them in a bag. Deliberately include too many pieces to complete the image. Get the children to reassemble the image. Talk about how sometimes we have more things than we need.

Groups of… – Split the children into groups by factors they have not chosen themselves. eg. Who can roll their tongue, is right or left handed, which gender, shoe size, or any other attribute they can’t control. Discuss briefly what it feels like to be left out and chosen.

Double Chocolate scramble – Play the traditional game of chocolate scramble, where you roll a dice and a number six means you can put on the outfit and using cutlery try and eat the chocolate. BUT have 2 groups, one with very few people. Discuss briefly the idea that sometimes more people isn’t better.

Drinking challenge– put a small amount of water in a bowl and place it on the table. Ask the children to suggest ways of drinking the water without moving the bowl. You can either give each child a bowl or chose a volunteer to demonstrate the different suggestions.




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