Goliath (1 Samuel 17) | Craft 2


For many children’s stories the act of David cutting off Goliath’s head is excluded, but kids cope rather well with, and often downright love, the gruesome. Goliath is the self declared baddie and that his invincibility is cut down to size is rather comical.

This craft could be done with any age and it doesn’t take a lot of preparation beyond a supermarket trip. The biscuits can be hand made or store bought, but they need to have a flat side to work on. Be creative with the decorations, all ingredients can be substitutes, you could even use bread instead or biscuits!


Goliath-face-smallGather all the pieces together, you may also want a picture of Goliath for the children to work from.

Talk to the children about what he may have really looked like, point out that we don’t know, so any face is acceptable.


Cover one side of the biscuit with a layer of simple white icing (icing sugar and a few drops of water). you could also use peanut butter or butter icing if you choose.

Talk to the children about the icing being the foundation for the face, the thing everything else is secured by. What security did Goliath have facing David?


Next add Goliath’s beard, you may want to have hair poking out from under the helmet too. I used chocolate sprinkles for this but you could use chocolate spread or any other small cake decorations.


After the beard comes the helmet. Again you can use anything for this, I chose mini candies. The helmet needs to be yellow or grey.

Talk to the children about armour and how it protects us.


To finish the face add a mouth and two eyes. my eyes are Tic-Tack sweets, and my mouth is a corner of a cracker. I added a couple of sprinkles to the eyes, secured with a drop of icing, to make pupils. You could use food markers if working with very young ones.

As the face is finished ask the children if they think their Goliath looks scary.


Now comes the gruesome bit. along the chin line you want to dip your biscuit into red jam or ice-cream sauce.

This final step will remind the children or the outcome of Goliath’s strength.


If they don’t need any ‘drying’ time then gather the children and let them sit and eat their creations.

Talk with them as they do about how scary things can be broken down and that sometimes makes them much easier to deal with.




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