Goliath (1 Samuel 17) | Games


Goliath was born with a gift, he had the gift of size, but he didn’t realise that he was still tiny compared to the big powerful God of the Israelites, our God.

Alternative fashion – this is a beautifully silly activity involving clothes and shoes and any other apparel you can find in big and tiny sizes. split the clothes into bags. Have the children get into teams and choose a model from amongst them. Give each team a bag of clothes and tell them they have 5 minutes to prepare for a fashion show. Say that the clothes do not need to be used for their purpose – eg. baby socks could be ear-warmers.

Tap tap tag – Sit the children in a circle and have them lightly pace their left hand above the right hand of their partner. Start by passing a tap round the circle. The game starts when one person calls out the word Tag and a number, the person next to them must then call out ‘Tag’ and one number lower – this continues until the number 1. The person on zero then needs to jump up and swap places with the initially caller before the tag reaches that space. If they make it they remain in the game, if they don’t they are out. Link to passing the responsibility for battle.

Projectile – this is a fun game for if you have some space, you need a plastic cup and a balloon per child to make a marshmallow shooter (link to instructions). Print out the face of Goliath and pin it to the wall. Add some projectiles – table tennis balls, marshmallows, small balls of paper – and let them play David! (click on image for bigger picture)


Skittles – If you want a throwing game but don’t have room to project into the air set up a lot of skittles. You can use a pre-bought set or substitute the skittles for cans or boxes you have available. If you only have a table top use a long cardboard box as an alley. Making them all different sizes can better represent the story.

Giant yard games – If you have access to any oversized games this is the time to bring them out, giant Jenga or dominoes or even make your own giant pick up sticks. The whole experience is about recognising that things come in many different sizes.





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