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Jacob’s Ladder (Genesis 28) | Craft 1


There are many Jacobs ladder crafts out there for this passage, and that’s great, but when reality hits and the dream is over I love how this craft captures Jacobs response. He wants to mark this place as holy, mark the experience and promise with something tangible. The practice of marking things with stones or piles of stones (cairns) is well practiced in many cultures.

I’ve used packaging card for this craft but you could just as easily use craft foam, or real stones. Make sure your glue suits your chosen materials.
Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28) | Craft 1


Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28) | Craft 1 To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, some glue, and some packaging card. no need to print this on thicker paper or card as you will need to back it anyhow.
Choose your template:
For printing with colour PDF – 1 page
For printing with no colour PDF – 1 page


Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28) | Craft 1 Roughly cut round the pieces you need and back them onto thicker card.


Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28) | Craft 1 Cut out the Jacob piece. This piece has a dotted line guide as the white border is intentional.


Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28) | Craft 1 Fold along the dotted line to stand Jacob up.


Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28) | Craft 1 Cut out the stones. You don’t need to follow any lines exactly for these, stones are not exact shapes!


Jacob's Ladder (Genesis 28) | Craft 1 Stack the stones up to make an altar, or a cairn to mark the place as holy.



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