Jacob’s Ladder (Genesis 28) | Games




This story of Jacobs ladder dream has so many facets that could be spun off into games. the ladder, the stone, the voice of God. There is a selection here to suit a variety of group sizes and space layouts.



Soft as a stone – gather a selection of different materials. Have the children choose what is the best use for each material. eg thin cotton may be good as a bed sheet but would it be good as a trampoline? Wood may be good for a door but what about a slide? End with a stone. Would any of the kids like the stone as their pillow?


Angels Climbing – Using tape or chalk draw a ladder stretching across your room. Have the kids do relay races climbing up and down the ladder using both their hands and feet, tagging their team member when they reach the end.


Who am I – This classic game involves sticking names to foreheads and the person identifying themselves by asking yes/no questions. Link it to how God identified himself to Jacob so that Jacob would understand who he was. Why do you think God did that?


The Cairn

– Cairns, altars, piles of stones as markers, all tie into Jacobs response to this encounter. Grab a load of cushions and pillows to act as stones, or use building bricks. How tall a column can the children build. Discuss what this tower could represent in your circumstances.


Angel Throw – Draw or place a ladder on the floor and have the children throw a beanbag into each section. Score 3 points for each section with an angel inside + 1 point for every extra angel in that section.





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