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James and John (Mark 10) | Craft 1

James and John have 2 crafts, this being the first. This craft looks at the idea of greatness as encountered in Mark 10. It’s an ideal craft for those youngsters who want to show their parents what they have learnt, it’s also quite fun it that it moves. The template pages are provided with and without colour for your choice. James and John


James and John (Mark 10) | Craft 1 For this craft you will need scissors, a glue stick or foam spacers and the PDF colour printout or PDF no colour printout + some colouring pens.


James and John (Mark 10) | Craft 1 Colour the template if needed and cut out all the pieces, making sure to cut out the inside circle but not cut the outside shape – you may need some adult help with this. Take a blank page and carefully glue or tape the outside of the square to it. you can just see the foam spacers i used here, they don’t go within 15mm of the inside circles edge.


James and John (Mark 10) | Craft 1 Glue James and John to the middle of a button. you may want to use an extra spacer to give it more height. The edge of the button needs to be able to slide inside the edge of the big circle, test this now.


James and John (Mark 10) | Craft 1 Glue the words onto the small circle. Add glue or spacers to just the middle of the smaller circle and attach to the backing page making sure to trap the button below and leaving the images of James and John on top.

Your craft is done. The youngsters should be able to slide James and John round and round the circle!



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