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John the Baptist (Matthew 3) | Games


This lesson is all about 3 things, shoes, water and humility. The first two are games idea gifts, if you have a favourite game that in some ways involves either then do use that.


The big shoe dash – this is great if you have a big enough group. Throw a third of the left shoes into a huge pile under a large sheet or parachute. Lift the cover a couple of times and then hold it at waist height and those missing a shoe race to get back to their places with the missing shoe replaced.

*Broken Man – a character recognition tool, basically a simple puzzle game for any age but perfect for small groups and younger children. Find a bold cartoon picture of the character depicted in the lesson (you can use the image that I’ll provide with the lesson) and cut it out along the black lines. You’ll be left with lots of odd shapes of colour which you pin round the room and reassemble as a group.

Drowning men – This is a variation of tug of rope. You mark out two areas of water and use a rope with 3 knots. The middle knot is the ‘man’ and the other two must be held at all times by one team member. If any of your team, or the ‘man’ reaches the water they drown. The aim is to drown the other team, for every team member you drown you score 2 points, and lose 1 point if you drown the ‘man’! The game ends when 1 team score a score -/+5.



Shoe removal – it can be a tricky game when played with the original bucket of water, but can be made easier by varing the objects. The idea is that 4 youngsters of similar height, lay on their backs with their feet in the air forming a table on which a bucket of water is balanced, then they simply have to each remove their shoes with out either standing up or spilling the water.

3 legged races – always the old ones are popular and so very simple to work. Using shoelaces is a a good way into the lesson as well.

finally, if you have the game board from a few lessons ago, and haven’t used it for a while. then this is a good excuse to use it again. Big games that involve a lot of movement are great openers and you can make it as challenging as possible. Try and make the challenges about water if you are outside, or about feet if you are inside.




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