Joseph & Mary (Matthew 1) | Craft 2


Joseph’s two dream accounts are the focus of this craft. The end result is subtle but once you get the speed right you can actually see the angel speaking and flapping in the dream bubble.

I will warn you right at the beginning that this craft is ink heavy and you need to have suitable acetate for your printer or photocopier. That said it’s so simple to construct that kids can almost be left unsupervised.


To make these you’ll need 1 cover sheet printout per child, and 1 animation page per pair of children and one acetate printout per pair of children, plus colouring materials, scissors, and sticky tape.

Teacher tip : print this sheet on thin card and pre-prepare with a slit in the areas to cut out to help kids get started.


Start with the cover sheet. Cut out the space where the dream will appear and the small rectangle above it. The sheet is a bit dull in black and white so do give it some colour.


Grab your animation sheet and sharing with a friend cut out the animation rectangle with the side tabs still attached. Using glue or sticky tape attach this in place behind the dream bubble.


Now for the acetate. Cut out the large black area complete with pull tap and empty box at the end. This slots in-between the cover sheet and the animation rectangle, then up though the slit at the top of the page.


42-M2-G Test your animation, go slowly and watch the wings flap and mouth move.

It’s not easy to catch on camera, but here is a rough approximation of what to expect.




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