Lamp Lighter (Luke 11) | Craft 1


This is such a classical image, the basket and the lamp-stand, the light spilling out. This simple spinning craft which shows the basket being removed from the light is lovely for any age group though younger groups may benefit from the pieces being pre-cut.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, sticky tape (optional), the printout and a split pin. This craft works fine on standard paper but would also work on thin card.
Choose your template:
For printing with colour PDF – 3 pages
For printing with no colour PDF – 3 pages


Cut out the three pieces.


Be sure to remove the small white circles in the center, this will allow the split-pin to move freely.


The circle on the background piece does not need to move and so you can easily just push through a small hole here for guidance.


Lay the blue piece on-top of the yellow light circle and thread the turning tab through the slit.


Place the background circle in place and thread a split in through the holes.


Fold the little yellow tab over the back and tape in place. While this step is not necessary it really helps the top and base circles not to spin.


Turn over your creation and using the blue tab move the basket from the light so it can shine freely.




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