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Lydia (Acts 16) | Craft


Lydia opened up her house to welcome others, in the same way w can use our spaces to welcome those who come our way. This is a really simple craft that is suitable for younger groups. Lydia (Acts 16) | Craft


Lydia (Acts 16) | Craft To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, scissors, and some colouring pens.

A4 paper templates
Lydia (Acts 16) | CraftLydia (Acts 16) | Craft
US letter paper templates


Lydia (Acts 16) | Craft Take the instructions off the top of the page.


Lydia (Acts 16) | Craft Fold along the dotted lines (you only need to fold the top 2 but the third is there just in case you need it)


Lydia (Acts 16) | Craft Draw something to represent your house, or perhaps your church, or school where you can welcome people.
If you have time you could also colour Lydia’s words at the base of the page.


Lydia (Acts 16) | Craft Show your friends and compare houses by opening and closing your creations!



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