Magi (Matthew 2) | Craft 2


This Magi craft uses the iconic idea of the star and the journey. It’s a craft ideal for the slightly older groups as it needs pretty accurate cutting and careful assembly, though it is really quite simple to do. This is a craft best printed in colour because the details are relatively small – the finished piece is 15cm (6 inches) wide.


Print the 3 page PDF file onto regular paper or thin card and cut round the shapes – remember to remove the inside of the frame piece. You will also need a glue stick.


Start by folding all the grey glue tabs. Where the tab touches an inside point of the star you need to cut into it so the tab is separated into 2 pieces.


Next fold the the outside strip along the black lines. you may find it useful to score and fold. Then combine into one long piece by gluing 2 of the big grey tabs together – leave the last one for later!


Start gluing by attaching the frame to the outside strip, you can do this on the inside or outside, – to make it clear I’ve done this on the outside and left the black lines showing too, but it would be neater if you worked the other way round.


Now we need to glue each layer of the image, start at the front and work backwards. Remember to leave a space between layers and try and keep as straight as possible.


The finished picture should resemble this one!




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