Mary Magdalene (John 20) | Craft 2

Mary literally sees the empty tomb, so I couldn’t resist making a tomb craft for this lesson. This one works by spinning 2 cups and it’s not only simple to make but it’s also a perfect end of session craft as you can leave it basic or continue to customise. Magdalene


For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), 2 half pint clear plastic cups, scissors, & glue.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with No Colour PDF – one page


Colour and cut out as you go along, or do it all at the beginning… your choice.


Start with the hillside. Add some glue along the baseline and stick inside your first cup. If any ends up sticking out do trim it off!


If you have very little children skip the stone slab and move onto the entrance stone. If not then…

Fold the stone slab and make it into a box. You should end up with a box on a ground strip with 2 glue tabs sticking up at the end. Don’t forget to fold the white rectangle and glue it on top for the folded linens!


The stone slab gets glued to the inside of your hill – this cup is done once the slab is in place.


Now for the entrance stone. Grab your second cup and slide it over the first. Glue the back of your entrance stone and stick it in place on the outside of your second up.

(NB : if there is paper between the cups they won’t slide!)


Mary Magdalene has 2 pieces, a holder and a character image. Take the holder and make sure you’ve split the 2 slits.


Add some glue to the glue tab and curl round to make a circle stand. Mary Magdalene will slot into this holder.


Finish your craft by gluing extra trees and the Jesus character onto your outer cup. Encourage the youngsters to tell the story as they spin their cups around.




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