Mary Magdalene (John 20) | Craft 1

How could Mary Magdalene mistake Jesus for a gardener? I’d imagine her eyes were full of tears, her head bowed from sorrow, but wait, look deeper and listen, that’s no gardener!

Simple paper-crafts are great because they need the most basic of supplies and with just a little prep, like scoring lines and cutting shapes, even the younger members of the group can produce something quite stunning.


For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), scissors, & glue. I’d recommend a ruler and map pin for scoring.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with No Colour PDF – one page


Colour and cut everything out. Remember to cut out the viewing window too! If you are colouring you may find you get some strange results, encourage your kids to add a small amount of colour, perhaps just green brown and blue to pick out features.


Next you need to fold everything. Most of the folds are simply following the bold black lines, still I’d strongly recommend scoring for a clean result (I use a map pin and ruler: its cheap, easily available and the map pin gives a good grip away from the point.)


The one difficult fold comes with the middle insert piece – the one with the trees and Jesus. First fold the glue tabs then fold the new edges into the middle. You’ll see dotted lines begin to show where the folds should fall.


This craft is best constructed from the front backwards. Lay the viewing window on your work surface with the glue tabs out flat. Add some glue to these tabs.


Take the two side pieces and make sure they are folded with the image on the outside. Open up and place one on the viewing window, bend round the glue tab on the side with the image and stick down.


Open up the side so it’s out your way then repeat with the other side piece.


Onto the middle part. To add glue fold completely and place on your surface with the image side facing you and the glue tabs folded on top.


Turn over and glue the tabs so that the each glue tab is attached to a different side and the flat edge is flush with the bottom of the viewer.


Attach the back piece by adding glue to one tab and sticking down onto the back of the a side piece.


Repeat with the other side so the back lays flush.


To open place your fingers on the inside folds and pull gently, or attach ribbon using sticky tape.


Just wanted to shout out to Manja at Hattifant and the Lilita’s Message Box Card that inspired this craft!




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