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Matthew (Matthew 9) | Craft 3

This stick puppet theatre is a really simple craft, suitable for the younger children in your teaching time. Use it to tell the story of Matthew being called by Jesus, and you are feeling creative print out other bible heroes and use it for their stories too! Apostle Matthew craft 3


Matthew (Matthew 9) | Craft 3 For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), scissors, a glue stick, & some wooden craft sticks or tongue depressors.
For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with No Colour (suitable for grey-scale) PDF – one page


Matthew (Matthew 9) | Craft 3 Cut out the characters and the table.

– To make this easier on little hands (or adults doing so in advance) the shapes are all surrounded by dotted lines giving an even boarder and missing fiddly details.


Matthew (Matthew 9) | Craft 3 Cut the grey slit out of the background.

– To make this easier it’s deliberately wide enough to use a small pair of scissors rather than a craft knife.


Matthew (Matthew 9) | Craft 3 Put a little glue on the end of a craft stick and attach your characters and table.

– Use the table legs so you can have Matthew behind without layering sticks.
Matthew (Matthew 9) | Craft 3


Matthew (Matthew 9) | Craft 3 Enjoy your story stick theatre.

If you want to use your theatre for other stories then just print off other character images from their heroes posts – set the characters to be approximately 7 cm high to match.



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