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The children (Luke 18) | Play


While the theme of welcome ties nicely into the story I’ve tried to include some very simple games that Asher (fictional character from the passage retelling) and his friends would have been familiar with. If you have access to traditional games now would be a lovely time to bring them out, even if they are not of the era.


The children (Luke 18) | PlayThe children (Luke 18) | PlayThe children (Luke 18) | PlayThe children (Luke 18) | PlayThe children (Luke 18) | Play

Obstacle races – this story just begs for the obstacle races that the crowd must have posed to the children. Be creative in your space and link back to the kids running through crowd to the arms of Jesus!
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The children (Luke 18) | Talk

The children (Luke 18) | Talk 
If you want the teachers page then please click on the image for the pdf.

Today’s heroes are children because they shows us the gift of Childhood

Essential Teachers notes:
This is kind of a small passage, squished into the chapter and both overlooked and over lifted by different circles in the church. While there is deep theological meaning in Jesus choosing to engage in the marginalized and powerless parts of society here, there is also the much more simple message of welcome that so often children question. It’s important to stress after the story that in some cultures today childhood is much more valued, and that even then children were highly valued by their parents even if not in the wider society.

Main Passage : Luke 18

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Healing at the Pool (John 5) | Make 2


This is the second craft for the Healing at the pool story, and both are very similar. Sometimes though it’s much more helpful o have a flatter version of a craft for kids to store or take away. This craft again features Bethesda pool and has a great story prompt by using the picture of the invalid before Jesus arrived printed on his mat ready to unfurl and tell his story. Healing at the Pool (John 5) | Make 2

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Healing at the Pool (John 5) | Direct

Tabitha Dorcas worksheet
This worksheet about the healing at Bethesda pool, it looks at the key question Jesus asks the invalid and how getting what we want can have consequences. It’s a sheet designed to use in small groups though it would be possible to complete independently. The sheet gets the kids to unscramble, identify, ponder, imagine, reflect, and finally solve the maze at the end.

To complete the worksheet you will need something to write and draw with as well as a bible or copy of the story.

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

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Healing at the Pool (John 5) | Heroes


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to The Healing at the Pool.
Each hero set contains a high quality graphic of the character, a take home bible card and a colouring page.

The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.
(Please note : these images have no watermark but are not copyright free, they are only intended for classroom use.)






Extra Graphics




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