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Wedding at Cana (John 2) | Make 2


The wedding at Cana miracle hinges on the collection of stone water jars of which this craft highlights. These empty contains give you a springboard for discussing how they can be filled. Coloured candy or popcorn would be great for taking home, or use for a play space with bright pompoms. Wedding at Cana (John 2) | Make 2

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Wedding at Cana (John 2) | Direct

Wedding at Cana Worksheet
This worksheet about the Wedding at Cana and the miracle of turning water into wine follows the wedding party and the significance of this being the first miracle John records Jesus doing. If has a variety of identification, imaginative, and drawing activities alongside some open ended pondering questions. This worksheet is best for small groups work.

To complete the worksheet you will need some colouring pens or pencils and to turn your thinking caps on!

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

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Wedding at Cana (John 2) | Play


A seven day wedding may seem crazy or completely normal, depending on your culture, but trying to work out how much drink for such an event must have been a challenge. These games look at the event as a whole, the joy of the party, the planers preparation and the way Jesus, together with the servants, stopped it being memorable for the wrong reasons.


Wedding at Cana (John 2) | PlayWedding at Cana (John 2) | PlayWedding at Cana (John 2) | PlayWedding at Cana (John 2) | PlayWedding at Cana (John 2) | PlayWedding at Cana (John 2) | Play

Water Table – a play water table is something usually reserved for the preschool or infants, but playing with water is a great way into this story. If you can’t access one then use the largest flat container you can find. Add in cups, scoops funnels and various strainers, simple bath toys tubes especially. You can also extend to colour mixing with a drop of water based food colouring or cordials. Add in challenges for older kids, eg. “Can you find a way of filling the sieve?” or “how far can you get the water to travel?”
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Wedding at Cana (John 2) | Make 1


This is a classic craft for an ever popular story. It used a small window and a split pin to show the water changing into wine. When the transformation took place is unknown but that water was often added to wine is a staple fact of the time and region. This craft is quick and simple to do, it’s also a good craft for younger groups and the cutting is very forgiving – though I’d recommend preparing by removing the window in advance. Wedding at Cana (John 2) | Make 1

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Wedding at Cana (John 2) | Heroes

Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to the Wedding at Cana (John 2) .
The images are displayed small here, click on the image you wish to have, then save the image that loads.







80-Master of the feast80-Master of the feast
80-Master-colouring of the feast80-Master-colouring of the feast


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