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Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Make-1


This paper craft of the Centurions servant being healed used a little flip to expand the scene. It shows how the centurion doesn’t leave the room and yet conveys his faith through messengers to Jesus – pictured through the window outside. It’s a perfect craft for groups who love coloring or those with really really limited time. It’s also a lovely craft for younger groups to assemble as it goes together like a 2 piece jigsaw. Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Make-1

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Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Heroes

Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Centurions Faith (Luke 7).
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Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Talk

Centurions Faith (Luke 7) | Talk
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Today’s hero is The Centurion, because he shows us the gift of RECOGNITION.

Essential Teachers notes:
The faithful Centurion is one of those biblical stories where the Sunday school picture is often the officer in uniform kneeling at the feet of Jesus begging for this servants life, an act not shown in the scripture. Unlike St Matthew’s retelling, in St Luke’s gospel, which this retelling is based on, the Centurion and Jesus don’t even meet. What plays out instead in a series of messengers running between the two. For the faith of a man to warrant praise from divine lips without being seen is something that is quite remarkable in the gospel accounts – it’s also something totally relate-able to us as modern Christians, who can’t simply walk over to a nearby town and bump into the messiah.

Main Passage : Luke 7
Additional Passages : Matthew 8

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Aaron and the Manna (Exodus 16) | Make-2


While Manna is often the star of the show God also provided Quail for the people to eat meat. Quail are beautiful round bellied little birds who would have settled in their thousands to be caught and while many were roasted that first night others would have been kept for the days to come. This craft therefore has both manna on the ground and a quail strutting round. Aaron and the Manna (Exodus 16) | Make-2

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Aaron and the Manna (Exodus 16) | Direct

Miriam’s song – Parting the Red Sea Worksheet
This worksheet looking at the story of the Quail and Manna ties to the wider Aaron lesson. It’s primarily a worksheet about recognizing why the Israelite’s grumbled and still God provided. This worksheet would work well as an extension activity or review, for an individual or as small group work – some of the questions would work well as small group discussions.

To complete the worksheet you will need some colored pens or pencils, a bible (specifically the book of numbers) and to turn your thinking caps on!

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

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