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Palm Sunday (Luke 19) | Talk

Palm Sunday (Luke 19) | Talk
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Today’s hero is Abijah’s donkey, he shows us the gift of a bigger story.

Essential Teachers notes:
This story heavily uses artistic licence to tell the story of Palm Sunday and the triumphant entry into Jerusalem. While Abijah’s name is biblical it is artistic licence to call the character in this story by this name. The events of Palm Sunday are wonderfully symbolic and by weaving them into a personal story the some more symbolism can be touched. As always these are suggested notes not a script, feel free to modify.

Main Passage : Luke 19
Additional Passages : John 12

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Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Direct

10 plagues Pharaoh Worksheet
This worksheet about the Plagues that Pharaoh and his people endured is deliberately very busy. It asked the youngsters to consider the Egyptian populations feelings towards the Pharaoh’s stubbornness and the plagues brought on by Moses mission to free his people. Go though the plagues one by one with small actions to complete with each.

To complete the worksheet you will need some pens or pencils and to turn your thinking caps on!

The PDF can can be downloaded by clicking on the image.

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Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Make 2


These simple layered pictures of Pharaoh, Moses and Aaron are a quick craft suitable even for very young groups. With the addition of some thick card backing they can also become good storytelling props for the Exodus story. Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Make 2

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Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Play


The story of the stubborn Pharaoh and the escape fro Egypt is a frequent favourite because of the vivid imagery. These games both use the ideas of many plagues, the stubbornness of the king and the characters of Moses and Aaron to compliment the story.


Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | PlayPharaoh (Exodus 7) | PlayPharaoh (Exodus 7) | PlayPharaoh (Exodus 7) | Play

Plagues dominoes – these dominoes are a great review tool and suitable for the younger age group. Challenge the older ones to put the plagues in order first as a review of the different symbols. The download and full instructions can be found by clicking on the image.
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Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Play /Make


There is a lot of evidence the Pharaoh’s and their people enjoyed table games. Matching images is a lovely simple activity upon which many a game hangs, this classic is dominoes. Two pages of beautifully colourful symbols will give your group plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the plagues and how they must have seemed never ending for the Egyptian people.

Please note : this is not a complete set as it would have been huge, I’ve strategically removed the doubles plus 20 other cards.
Pharaoh (Exodus 7) | Play /Make

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