Parable of the Bad Tenants (Matthew 21) | Craft 1


I love acting out stories, puppets, props, crafts, they can all highlight elements of the story and breath gusts of energy into dry dusty words – these blow life quite literally as you blow them across the table. Move the servants across the table on his way to collect from the Tenants, send the vineyard owner, his son, and a servant who is returning beaten and broken. Talk about the different characters, What were they feeling on their journeys? What obstacles did they face? What would they meet at the end of their travels?


link to TPT lesson set


To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, some scissors and a straw per person.


If you are printing without colour be sure to add some then cut out your chosen characters surround.


Separate the characters by cutting down to the dotted lines


Fold the dotted lines so the characters stand up



From behind, blow through a straw to move the characters across the table – the best way to describe the moment is gliding!




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