Parable of the Banquet Guests (Luke 14) | Craft 1


Just occasionally it’s good to lean back on Classic church Sunday School crafts and for this parable of the banquet guests where ‘welcoming in’ is such a feature I’ve chosen the classic door hanger. On one side the banquet host is all alone and looking rather worried, on the other side he is surrounded with guests welcoming more in. This one is very simple and offers you a range of ways to make it, print with coloured people and decorate around them, print with a coloured background and decorate the people or print with no colour at all and go to town decorating.


link to TPT lesson set

To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, something to colour with, scissors, and glue.


Add colour and any decorations then cut out both hangers around the outer edge only.


Glue the two sides together
(You can sandwich cardboard here but plain printer paper will work alone)



remove the hanging hole.



turn your creation over and clean up the other side if needed



Hang on the door to show you are all alone



Turn your hanger over to welcome in guests




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