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Parable of the Banquet Guests (Luke 14) | Games


Parable of the Banquet Guests (Luke 14) - Games


The parable of the Banquet guests is a strange one, on the one hand you have the amazing generosity of the banquet host, of king as he’s referred to in Matthews passage, but on the other hand you have the blatant failure of friendship from the invited guests. these games look at the idea of invitation, the roller coaster of emotions, and the idea of a party Here is a selection of games to suit a wide range of ages and set-ups. choose the game you would most like playing and your youngsters would respond to best.




Wipe that smile off your face – The first person pulls their silliest smile and directs it at each child in the circle, trying to make someone giggle or laugh. On the leaders mark they uses one hand to literally “wipe” the smile off their face, and hand it to the next person, and on it goes. This can get silly really quickly but shows how much infectious smiles and excitement can be.

Every spot – lay paper plates out on a table to indicate how many people/cuddly toys you need. hide the cuddly toys around the room. make it harder by putting names or colours on the plates they need to match up.

You are invited… – First mark a section of your room as the party area and a section outside where the ‘guests’ (kids) start. This can be played two ways, either as a form of Simon says ‘you are invited if you can jump’- the kids then jump into the party. Once everyone is in the areas swap and you give a new command. For older groups each child presents themselves miming an action, the host can invite them in by naming that action by saying “you are invited …. (insert action eg doing the washing up!)”

Who am I – A traditional game that works well with older groups (sometimes referred to as the post-it note game). Place the name of a famous person on the forehead (or back) of each player. The player must work out who they are by asking yes/no questions of the other players.

Pass the parcel – This classic game involves a parcel with many layers that gets passed around a circle as the music plays. when the music stops the child removed a single layer and the process begins again. link to the idea of all these strangers sharing the joy of a party, passing the food, enjoying the undeserved gifts they received.




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