Parable of the forgiven Debt (Matthew 18) | Craft 2


This craft is really just a bit of fun rather than something deep and theological, it depicts the three characters in the parable of the forgiven debt or unforgiving servant. Once made it can be a storytelling prop, a way to ask deeper questions about forgiveness, or just a toy to play with.


To make this craft you will need the printout, scissors, glue, and a dowel (we used a chopstick).

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page
For printing without Colour PDF – 1 page


Add some colour if you need to then grab the scissors and cut these strange shapes out. If you are a perfectionist you can score the fold lines too!


Use a hole punch to make a hole where the small circle indicates. You may need to slightly widen that hole with something like a sharp pencil.


Time to get folding, every fold goes the same way – mountain fold or ink on the outside.



We are going to make little boxes. It’s best to do this one side at a time and allow the glue to dry.



Slide the boxes onto your dowel so they can spin feely and make up the three characters.



Spin the boxes to complete the picture,
Which is the king, which servent do you think the king lent money to, which is the poorer servant, why?




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