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Parable of the forgiven Debt (Matthew 18) | Games


Parable of the forgiven Debt (Matthew 18)-Play


The Parable Jesus tells here is super simple and yet very deep. We all expect the senior servant to forgive the debt of the lower servant because we expect him to continue passing on the blessings, it jars at us that he would not do so. These games tie into that idea of flowing from one to another and the key theme of forgiveness.




Dominoes fall – This story shows how mercy, forgiveness and compassion should follow down from our heavenly father through us and to those we meet. Use dominoes, blocks, cardboard boxes or whatever you have on hand.

Many Hands Race – Draw a line on the floor and a dot as far away as possible The aim is to make a path to the dot, round it and back to the line using hands. The first child lays their hand flat on the line, the next person must then place their hand touching the first child’s. Only once everyone has their hands on the floor can the first person stand and run to place their hand again in the line.


Upsize/downsize – this is an imitation game where you imitate your neighbour but in an exaggerated way (upsize) or a restricted way (downsize). The first person may wiggle a finger, so the second can upsize to wiggle a hand, then an arm etc.

Word coins – this is a simple treasure hunt that works well as as introduction for the lesson. hide 11 coins that each have a letter stuck on them. Use the sticky part of post-it notes or blank stickers. Once all the letters are collected you can spell the word FORGIVENESS. Link to overall theme and how the parable wasn’t really about money but about the mercy each person displayed.

Pass the parcel – this classic game links well into the idea that each person is expected to do the same. If you’ve not played it before the ‘prise’ is wrapped in many layers and circles the room until the music stops. The child holding the parcel then unwraps the layer and it continues it’s journey. If you wish you can add questions / tasks / or even prizes between layers,




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