Priscilla & Aquila (Acts 18) | Craft 1


This is a really simple paper construction for three different types of tent.

If you only want to make one model then choose your tent according to your age group, the time you have available and the number of leaders you have. The harder tent is still quite simple : the ages below are a rough guide imagining a group of around 10 children accompanied by one or two adults with a craft slot of no more than 15 minutes.



Print the templates you can use thin card to make them more sturdy but I just used paper. All three templates are in one PDF. To make cutting simpler the tabs can be removed and sticky take used to join the pieces.

I will start with the more complex and getting simpler. There are instructions on the templates to help you.

Don’t be worried by the long instructions, all these tents are simple to make without instructions I have just photographed every micro stage to make it clear.


There are 4 parts to the harder tent and it’s important that they are cut relatively accurately. All pieces are folded as mountain folds (the blank sides touching) with the exception of the awning.


To fold the roof simply follow the shape making triangles as you go around, you should end up with a small angular cone shape. Once folded apply glue and attach to itself. The awning piece is folded as shown, so the tab that will attach to the tent goes in the opposite direction.


You need 2 holes in the awning for the supporting toothpick poles. I would recommend making these holes now.


Attach the awning so that the roof join and the awning don’t touch. Then attach the walls of the tent.


Toothpicks are added to the corners of the roof and the awning support. Be careful adding the toothpicks into the roof, you may find it easier to make a small hole if you have glued the roof very tightly.

The tent is now complete.



If you have older children or a lot of time you may wish to explore making guy ropes. Use thin rope, wool or embroidery thread.

Cut the end off some toothpicks to make pegs. Roll the blunt end in a little glue and wrap your rope around.

Tie the loose end to the tent poles with a simple knot and trim to neaten.

If you want to peg out our tent you need something like Styrofoam plates to use as a base.



If all that sounds too complicated then try the medium ability tent. This one also has 4 pieces to cut out but is a little more open to slight error and it’s construction can be explained by 2 pictures!


Fold on every line using mountain folds (blank sides together). Before construction add holes for the tent poles, you can do this down the middle or along the walls.

Attach the larger end piece onto the roof and test inserting the tent poles. (Access is easier now to make sure the holes are the right size.)


Take the two smaller door pieces and curl them open, you can do this by gently smoothing them round your fingers.

Attach these last two pieces and any tent poles. The tent is now complete.



If you have very young children and even cutting out the template will be hard why not try this super simple tent.

Prepare for the youngsters by cutting out the tent shape in advance, and making the single toothpick guide hole if you wish to use toothpicks at all. This one piece template has 2 tents per page.


This tent only has one closed end, added for stability. Help the children make the three folds and glue the sticky tab in place. It’s a very forgiving shape so don’t worry if it’s not perfect.


Show the children how to add the tent pole in place if you are using it. The tent is now complete.

You could also give the children the characters from the page so they can play with them in and around the tent. Stick them to the side of the tent they have made, colour them in, or have them inspect the tent for problems.




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