Priscilla & Aquila (Acts 18) | Games


Tent making is a lovely springboard topic so hunt out those old sheets and play some typical camping games if you have any. If you have access to a tent why not take the whole lesson inside one, even a makeshift tent will really set the atmosphere.


Professions – a simplified charades game. Cut up the profession cards provided and place them into a bag. Have the children pull out a card and act out the profession. Sounds and words are allowed for younger groups.

Timed Tents – divide the kids into teams of five or less and challenge them to make a tent. Provide chairs, a single sheet, pillows and a few decorations. Be clear they have a time limit of five minuets, use a visible timer. Let the children sit in their tents for the story or continue to improve them in the activity time.

Working journey – give each pair or triplet in the group a small stack of paper and some sticky tape. The children have to cross the sea (the floor) by making a bridge (the paper). Start by telling them these rules :
1. every member of the team much be on the paper at all times (or they drown).
2. the bridge must be a bridge not stepping stones (connected with stick tape).
3. the paper can be torn.
Link into the idea of Priscilla or Aqulia sewing tents (working) to earn money to travel.

Bell Tent – this is a parachute game where you create a mushroom or bell tent with the parachute by pulling the edge of the parachute under you and sitting down. Inside slowly get the youngsters to stand up one at a time until the tent loses it’s integrity.

Missionary Journey – name areas of the room according to different locations in the story (Damascus, Italy, Corinth, Ephesus). Designate one player to be Priscilla or Aqulia and have them stand in the middle blindfolded. Ask the children where they think God will send Priscilla or Aqulia next and have them run to that location. When everyone has chosen have Priscilla or Aqulia say where they are going. The children who chose correctly stay in the game. (adaptation of traditional four corners game)





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