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Prodigal Son (Luke 15) | Story

Prodigal Son (Luke 15) | Story
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Today’s hero is The prodigal son, because he shows us the Fathers love.

Essential Teachers notes:
If there ever was a story you probably don’t need notes for this would be a contender, it’s also a great story to read directly from the bible. However, you’ll notice this version pads out a little of the assumptions that the story holds making it a touch more explicit for little ears. As always, this is just a guide, do use your own words.

Main Passage : Luke 15


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Jesus loved stories, he told stories to teach people about God the Father. One day Jesus said;

“A man had two sons. The sons worked with the father and the fathers hired workers every day. When the days work was finished the sons would gather with their friends and dream of things they wanted to do. The younger son dreamed of travelling the world.

But how could he travel the world when he had to work on the farm every day? He didn’t have time and he didn’t have the money to pay for all the things he would need. After harvest the younger son passed by the house and saw his father counting the farms money. One day, when his father died, all the farm, and it’s money, would be given to the two sons.

The younger son turned round and went into the house. He asked his father for his money now, so he could travel now, not later. Sadly the father divided all he had and gave the younger son a bag of gold. The next morning the younger son took a horse and set off on his adventure. His father wept, for he did not know if he would ever see his son again.

Years passed. The father and the older son and the hired workers continued to work on the farm but heard nothing from the younger son.

The younger son saw many places. He went to parties and danced at dances, he lived in luxury and many people called themselves his friends for he was a rich man. But the land he was in started to struggle. Famine came and there was not enough food for everyone. His friends disappeared when his money was gone and he was forced to find some work. The only job the younger son could find was taking care of the pigs. One day he was staring at the animals food, wondering if it would make him sick if he stole some, when he realised his fathers hired workers were never this hungry. They always had food, even extra food.

He couldn’t return home could he? He couldn’t go back to being ‘a son’ in his fathers house for he had taken his money already? But… perhaps he could return as a hired worker? On the way home he practiced what he would say to his father. He would apologise and beg his father to let him work for him. But before he reached the farm he saw his father running towards him. Was he angry? would he send him away?

His father had woken that day like every other and walked to the furthest edge of the farm hoping to see his son return. He did not know if his son was alive or dead but he longed to see his face again. When a man in tattered clothes and head hung low appeared on the path the father’s heart exploded with joy. He so excited to see his son that he ran great big strides to reach him, he hugged him and kissed him and sent for good clean clothes and the best feast to be prepared.

When the workday had ended the older son returned from the fields to find a huge party at the house? When he learnt that the party was for his brother he was very angry. The more he thought the more angry he became. Why should he have a party? I’ve never had a party and I’ve worked all these years, I’ve not gone and wasted money like he did. Now he’ll come back and I’ll have to share the farm with him again? He was so angry that he wouldn’t even go into the house.

When his father came to find him he listened to his anger. Then he reminded the older son that everything the father had would still be his one day… “but today we celebrate” he said, “for we thought your brother was dead but he is alive, your brother was lost and now he is found”

That’s how God the father loves you too”

Today’s hero is The prodigal son, because he shows us the Fathers love.


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