Psalm 119 | Craft 1


We talk all the time, words are constantly around us, and yet in Psalm 119 we are encouraged to block out the noise and instead listen to just one voice, the voice in scripture. This craft has a person reading scripture, or more specifically a ‘mini-you’ speak scripture.


To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, scissors, and glue.

A4 paper templates

US letter paper templates


Roughly cut out one person set per child. There are 3 per page.


Carefully cut the two parts out.


Fold each of the red boxes behind the person.


Fold the sides of the lips, the straight lines are mountain folds and the dotted lines valley folds.


Glue the two white boxes at the sides together.


Hold the white boxes and push gently in and out to make your person talk.
Decorate the person to look like you and get your ‘mini-you’ to speak scripture!




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