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Psalm 119 | Games


Psalm - Games


Psalm 119 is the longest Psalm in the bible. For many that makes it daunting, but treating each part of the acrostic as a separate mini poem reveals great depth. Here he look at ‘bet’ or the Hebrew letter ‘b’ and how the author treasures the words of scripture as a guide for life.




Treasure chest – have 2 treasure chests (boxes) and divide your kids into teams. The winning team will be the ones with the most treasure in their box. Use small balls for treasure which are scatted around the area. State clearing if ‘stealing’ is allowed at the beginning of the game.
Link: how do we treasure God’s word?

Hotter and hotter – a find the object game. Those who hid the objects get to call out hot and hotter or cold and colder as you move towards or away from the hiding spots.
Link: verse 10.

Psalm Beat – Using a small section of words from the Psalm as lyrics, have the youngsters make up a tune or a beat to sing the words. Add percussion instruments and work in pairs.
Link: Psalms were songs sung not read.

Tippy towers – who can build the tallest tower, use whatever you have available. Give a time limit.
Link: the Old Testament is the foundation to the New Testament.




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  1. I can say this is the answer of my prayer,on want to bring revival in my town ,our churches are not interested about childrens program,with this the word of God can reach many children

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