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Rebekah & Isaac (Genesis 24) | Games


This story about the lamp lighter or the underlying passages about lamps and lamp stands are key Christian concepts for kids to grapple with. They use a very tactile and easy to demonstrate element – light. As such all these games play on the idea of light and vision and may need a darkened environment to work fully. Please check if your teaching area can have dimmed light before selecting the best activity for your group.



Water the camels – the servant knew God had lead him to Rebekah when she offered to water the camels. This simple relay race has the child moving ‘water’ from the well to the animals. Use a large bucket of water and a cup to move it. If you can’t get wet in your space then use shredded blue paper.


Isaac&RebekahGameRebekah’s Shadow– This is based on a board game and the basic idea is that you need to match the people to their shadows. Print the two pages and cut out the cards. Place all the cards face down over the rectangles leaving the top rectangle uncovered. The player will turn one card in the hope it matches the shadow in the uncovered box. If it does then place it face up on the box. If it does not match place face down in the box containing the shadow you were looking for. This way the cards move around the board until they are all matched. At the end of the game identify the final shadow. (click on the image for the PDF download)


Obstacle course – Make a simple obstacle course to mimic the servants journey. Put a doll or a picture of Rebekah at the end and have the child bring it back.


Behind the veil – this is a classic memory game using a tray full of objects and a towel (a veil for this story). The aim is to memorise the objects on the tray and then re-list them once they are hidden by the towel. A good rule of thumb is to take the average age of the children for the number of objects. This game also works with snap cards.


Find Rebekah – This game lends itself well to a treasure hunt. Make a list of 10 items that the kids can find in your space – have the 10th be Rebekah. You can use a doll or a picture from the heroes post. Talk about if there was any logic in where you looked? What clues did you use?




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