Rebekah & Isaac (Genesis 24) | Story


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Today’s hero is Rebekah, because she shows us the gift of a wife.

Essential Teachers notes:
Isaac and Abraham have lost Sarah to old age and Abraham is probably more than aware his days are now numbered. He’s looking to secure the next generation of God’s people through his son, obviously the next generation means he needs a wife and none of the locals will do. This passage is full of imagery, it’s a lovely passage to act out. As always these are springboard notes, feel free to use your own expressions and words.

Main Passage : Genesis 24


Abraham worried about Isaac but had an idea. He found his top servant and asked him to go on a journey, a long journey, back to the land that Abraham lived in before God had called him. He asked his servant to find Isaac a wife.

Off the servant went with camels loaded full of treasures for the lucky girl and her family. Isaac watched him leave, Abraham has said that Isaac could no go.

Days passed and Isaac worried. What if the girl didn’t like him? What if he didn’t like her? The servant travelled: What if the girl wouldn’t come back with him? what if he couldn’t find anyone?

Eventually the servant reached a well back in the land that Abraham had once called home, The servant sat down the camels and prayed.

“God of Abraham send to me a girl to take back to my master. Let me know it is the right girl because she offers me, a stranger a drink, and not just a drink, but offers water to my camels also.”

As the servant opened is eyes he saw a girl approach, a beautiful girl, called Rebekah one who handed him a drink and drew more water for his camels without him asking. The servant took out bracelets and a nose ring for Rebekah and asked which family she came from. She took him back to her family and they agreed to let he go with the servant to marry Isaac.

Rebekah and her maid climbed onto the camel and off they went. Many days later they saw the tents of Abraham and Rebekah spotted a hansom man in the field.

“Who is that she asked” and when she head is was Isaac she put a veil over her face.

When Isaac looked up he saw the camels and the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen fixing a veil over her face. he ran to his father and son the two were married.

Isaac loved Rebekah and Rebekah loved Isaac and together they helped God’s family grow.

Today’s hero is Rebekah, because she shows us the gift of a wife.



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