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Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Craft 2


Jesus openly criticised the Pharisees long threads upon their garments. These long threads are religious symbols but the Pharisees would make them super long, impractically so, to show their great piety. They joined a long list of criticisms that Jesus accused the religious leaders of. There is a lot of symbols and cultural references in Matthew 23 but this one is quite clear and carries a very simple message – God doesn’t look at the outside but at our actions. Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Craft 2


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Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Craft 2 To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout on card, scissors, some wool, some sticky tape and an awl or hole punch.
Can’t print on card? try backing onto card or laminating.


Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Craft 2 Cut out the shape.
Removing the centre is entirely optional.
If you need to back onto card or laminate do this now then cut out again.


Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Craft 2 Make a hole in each of the small black circles using a punch or awl.



Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Craft 2 Cut a long strand of wool and fold it a few times. Tape the ends together to help threading or use a plastic needle
(tip – if folding twice to get 4 strands I’d recommend 2-3 meters per piece, you can always trim it shorter!)



Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Craft 2 Thread your card starting on the picture side at one corner, follow the outside of the scarf.
For younger children it may help to knot the end to stop them pulling it too far.



Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Craft 2 Repeat with the other edge of the scarf.



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