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Religious Hypocrites (Matthew 23) | Games


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This passage about the religious hypocrites holds such a lot of symbols but all of them have at their root the idea of pride. This is reflected in these games, each taking the ideas from a slightly different angle.




Inverted Mirror – this mirroring game takes two people facing each other but they are going to copy each others actions in reverse – ie if one moves left the other will move right. Have both people start by sitting down on chairs. As one person moves to become bigger/taller, the other moves to become smaller/shorter – generally this if one person leads at first. Talk about how Jesus reversed the importance we place of people in this passage.

Hypocrites Hunt – hide each letter of the word ‘hypocrites’ in your space, have the kid(s) find the letters and reconstruct the word. For younger kids they can just find the letters and place them on the written word to fill it, older kids can try and work out what the word is from the letters.

Impractical clothing – The Pharisees made their tassels impractically long, this game ties into this. You will need to set up a series of obstacles the kids need to pass through and lay out some oversized clothing. The first time through the obstacles the kid(s) can go without any extra clothes but the second time round they need to choose one item to wear. Talk about how their new fashion choice hindered their movement.

Symbols Search – walk around your space looking for symbols. Print out some symbols to ‘hide’ if you don’t think there are enough naturally around you. (road signs, power symbols, play, pause, a cross, a company logo, a flag etc).

Simon says – This traditional game links so well to the idea of saying one thing and doing something different. The leader gives an instruction and the children perform it… but only if the leader uses the words ‘Simon says’ before the instruction… Get it wrong and you are out!




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