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Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2

Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2
Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2The pop-up house is a simple craft and can be turned into a little storytelling stage. The basic concept is straightforward and I would recommend getting teens to make their own design. younger children will probably be better with a template.

You can download the PDF of my design which has an extra page with just the mechanism outline by clicking on this sentence.

You will need at least 2 sheets of paper, one for the mechanism and one for the inside of the house. you’ll also need a craft knife, a ruler and some glue.
Start by doing the cutting, you may want to do this before the session. Cut the lines along the sides of the middle house. Also cut out the window.
Let the children decorate their houses if they want to and then start folding. fold along the top and bottom of your cut lines first – that’s the back of the roof and the floor of the middle house. Then fold the rest of the floor and the front of the roof.


Now take your second sheet and fold it along the floor (horizon). Apply glue to the outside piece of the card. Close the inside piece, and push it into the middle of the card fold. Press the car closed and smooth over.


Or you could make your own!


Technical bit first. you need to spit up the working area into 6 equal parts. the middle line being the main fold if you want to make it into a card.
Then you want to place your pop up house. leave the two 6th’s empty, use the the next two as the building and the next one as a roof
once you’ve drawn out the basic cut and fold lines you can start decorating. or just leave it blank – It doesn’t take a great artist, but a few windows and perhaps a door or two, and even a pathway would help the kids get the concept. Photocopy or print your image so it’s flat and then cut along the sides of the house and roof if applicable. Also cut out any windows on the pop-up house.


The original pattern took it’s artwork from Dider at Mylittlehouse, he provides the images for flannel-graphs and they can be found HERE. NB: the roof looks pretty but it sticks out of the card 🙁

Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2 Rhoda's Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2


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8 responses to “Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Craft 2”

  1. Dear Kate, would you email me the link to the pattern for the house for the pop-up card? I used the link you provided and searched Dider’s website but can’t seem to find it. I love your house but I’d like to use the strip with the of characters from the story. Thank you very much!

  2. I would appreciate if you’d email this to me. I’m hoping to use in in Sabbath School this week. Thank you, Kathy

    • the pictures at the base of the post uses artwork from Dider at Mylittlehouse. the link is in the post. I cut the pictures from his material. I don;t have a specific link anymore, sorry. However there are graphics for the characters involved on my hero’s pages.

  3. I can’t publish the pdf of the original pattern I used, as I wouldn’t want to claim someone else’s illustration as my own, but I’ll happily email it to you if you request it.

      • the e-mail is on it’s way Jamie, thanks for the comment, and the reminder to put the new house up!

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