Rhoda’s Discovery (Acts 12) | Games


This passage is all about Rhoda, probably a young girl just doing her everyday stuff, but bursting with excitement at what she finds. The story also encompasses Peter’s escape, so there is a lot of scope to tie into journeys, being led, finding, dreams, and angels!

Who’s at the Door – simple listening game involving placing one child one side of a barrier and another child calls out ‘let me in’, the first child has to guess who is calling. as children get older they disguise their voice and it gets harder.

In Prison – kind of a variation of musical statues where when the music stops you need you wait to be released from the prison by the ‘angels’. Via Scripture union

What’s The Time Mr Wolf – the idea of sneaking around goes well with the story, also turning your back to the people who are trying to get in. (games children are familiar with also help with new teachers)

Untangle escape – take a play hoop, large enough to pass over each person and place on the floor between two standard plastic chairs. tie the two ends of a long rope or ribbon to the chairs placed beside the hoop and let the excess rope fall in a pile inside the hoop. get every participant to grab the rope using only one hand. The leader then picks up the hoop, say’s the hoop is Peter trying to escape from prison, but the prison wasn’t next to the house.pull the two chairs apart forcing the people to line up in a random order. then place the hoop under the first chair. pass the hoop along the rope, over each participant until it reaches the house at the other end.

Memory Trays – Rhoda forgot to open the door, this classic game of identifying the missing object of the tray ties into the story in an obvious way and is simple for those teachers with limited room.





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