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Shared Owners (Acts 4) | Games


Shared Owners (Acts 4) - Games


Interruptions during worship are something we may be far too familiar with. In this passage from Acts 4 The church shares all they have so nobody is in need and we see the example of Barnabas giving. These games play on the ideas gifts, sharing, and working together.




In One Hand – How many coins can you hold in one hand. Stack as many coins in one hand as possible and walk ten steps. Eventually you won’t be able to hold any more. How many people could have shared this load?
Link: God calls us to share not horde.

Controlled Destination – This simple group ball game uses a parachute or large sheet. The ball must touch each of the 3-5 destinations in order without leaving the parachute sheet. Destinations can be marked by making boxes with tape.
Link: God’s family thrives when it works together.

Three Word Stories – Make up a story as a group taking turns to each say the next three words.
Link : Everyone contributed. (Even if they were not controlling the story)

Divide and share – Sit the children in a circle or round a table and give each child a piece of paper. Ask them to fold it in half as many times as they can. 8 is the limit. Talk about how small we managed to make the piece of paper by keeping it together. Now get them to open their piece of paper up and tear it in half, placing one half in the middle of the circle. Repeat this until you have just a tiny piece of paper. How many times did they tear their paper when they give it away?
Link to : we achieve more together than alone.




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