Shiphrah and Puah (Exodus 1) | Games


This story of Shiphrah and Puah’s simple deception and deep consequences may at first seem a funny subject for the frivolity of games, but with so many symbols to play on, the idea of super heroes, the lavishness of the pharaoh, the deception and protection it brought are all wonderful images to tie into playful activities.



Race the baby – This game requires a small pebble or object that can represent the baby. The idea of the game is for the loving family and friends to keep moving the baby before the midwife can find it. The midwife must call out a persons name and say the child’s name eg “ Aaron, Aaron, do you have the baby” Aaron then opens his hands palm side up to show if he does or doesn’t have the baby stone. The stone can be passed at any point excluding when the holders name is called. Link into the deception.


It doesn’t have a heart – A simple spin on the suitcase game, or when I went to grandma’s as it’s also called. Each person adds one lavish feature to their palace to the existing string of items but the truth always remains too. Example : Person 1 : My palace has a TV but it doesn’t have a heart; Person 2 : My palace has a TV and gold floors but it doesn’t have a heart; Person 3 : My palace has a TV, gold floors, and swans but it doesn’t have a heart. Link into the Pharaoh’s obvious flaw amongst his riches.


If I was a super hero – This is a silly follow the leader type game that links to our notion that to be a superhero you need super powers. Have the leader say : “If I was a super hero I would have the power of sticky feet to climb up walls (then pretends to walk with sticky feet) – would you like that power? (everyone tries to copy)”. Either change leader or choose another fake superpower to act out and repeat. Link back to what makes someone a real hero.


Midwifes obstacles – Very basically an obstacle course where the leader shouts the baby is coming and the first midwife to get through the various obstacles and pick up the baby doll wins. Use whatever equipment or furniture you have on hand. Play in teams with each person racing against one other or use a stopwatch for smaller groups. Talk about how the lie the midwifes told was about not being able to get there in time.



Protection – This really simple card game is all about matching objects that protect us. Print then cut out the cards (click on picture for pdf) and gather items listed here. Have a child select a card then run to the pile of objects and find the right form of ‘protection’. Once found get the child to model it for the group. Talk abut how things protect us.
Items to gather :Umbrella, Scarf, Sunglasses, Inflatable, Blanket, Padlock, Torch, Fire extinguisher or toy fire engine, Apron, First aid kit, Toothbrush & Safety goggles.






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