Simon the Zealot (Matthew 12) | Craft 2


This is a simple craft that can tie into either character in the story. These beautiful and really simple hand shaped bowls are both a lovely thing to take home and use as well as being a great thing to create a bold wall display with. Please note this activity needs close supervision.


There is no printout for these. You will need acetate (drinks bottle plastic works too), suitable pens (white board or permanganate markers), fixative, and a candle. If you are uncomfortable with open flames then place a pebble in the middle of each hand and place it in a toaster oven!


Have the child place their hand on the plastic and draw round it. If you are using a drinks bottle don’t try and cut the bottle first!


Time to decorate. I’d recommend limiting the colours and encouraging a lot of coverage. If needed, lightly spray with fixative so they can’t wipe away the outline.


Once the design is complete spray with fixative and allow to dry before cutting out. The fixative may eat your colours slightly but is needed! When cutting leave a half centimetre gap and don’t go far into the groves between the fingers.


Find a safe place to light a candle. Angle the sides of the hand towards the heat. The slower you work the smoother the finish.


Work round the hand allowing points to heat and buckle. The plastic does get rather hot so close supervision or adult intervention is needed. Thankfully it cools really fast too!


Work at least a centimetre from the edge. If you put the very edge near the heat it will start to curl.

If you touch the flame you will burn the plastic, or worse make holes!


This activity can involve waiting for others at the end, it’s a great opportunity to recap the story, talk about the man with the shrivelled hand, how would it effect how he lived his life. Talk about how encountering things can change us, like the heat changes the shape of the plastic. Talk about how Jesus transforms people and how he transformed Simon the Zealot.





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