How this site is funded

While JWL is freely given it’s not free from costs. We ask people to donate when they download resources to help cover our costs. My family and the Jesus Without language mission simply can’t survive without donations. We aim to be totally transparent so we happily share how our income gets to us.

We have a monthly minimum target of a $110 in donations alone, it doesn’t include income from ads and purchases of lesson sets. The progress bar (at the bottom of all pages) shows how far we have come and is updated with each donation.
Please note: the donation bar only works with whole numbers and is the income after fees.

What is the money used for?

Electricity and ink, sticky tape and sugar in my tea… our bills are diverse. We rely on generosity to meet our needs – perhaps your donation will buy a ream of paper, or put food on our table, or pay our internet bill, or pay for a school bill. My main missionary funding is no longer active and so we need to make up the shortfall through this site. We are so grateful for your generosity.

Site Income Statement

– JWL is committed to giving out of God’s grace.
– JWL is an example of God’s great economy.
– Keeping resources free for those in need is an important part of the JWL vision.
– Advertisements are necessary but unobtrusive.
– There is no sponsored content on this site.
– Handling fees are not passed onto donors or customers.
– All money was converted into a single currency for the tally at the time of writing.
– We actively seek opportunities to encourage people to give.
– The packs that we sell are spin off materials or polished versions of onsite offerings.

Advertisement services and tracking visitor numbers requires cookie consent. This data is never passed on to any third party. Equally e-mail addresses provided for the newsletter will be used solely for that purpose.



Donations this month: target - $ 60

$ 19