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The Body – 1 Corinthians 12 | Games


The Body of Believers (1 Corinthians 12) Games


The body of believers is a great lesson in including all, valuing all, accepting all and working together to build a community that reflects God’s heart. These lessons all tie into the passage found in 1 Corinthians 12 in slightly different ways, allowing kids to move and experience the power of Pauls words.


Hindered movement – Get the youngsters to complete a task while hindered. Tie their leg to a partner’s then walk across the room. Tie their arms together then get them to open a packet, Have them tie a shoe blindfolded. Write their name in flour using their nose.
Link: When one part of our body is hindered, it has an effect on the rest.

Building a church – Give the children a few wooden shapes used for building patterns. Ask them to make a person from just the shapes they have. Talk about how limiting it is to work with so few shapes. Now ask the children to put all their shapes together and repeat, talk about how much easier it was with more shapes.
Link: The church grows with diversity.

Musical identification – play a piece of music for the children. Get them to identify the instruments used. If you can source real instruments for props great, or just photo’s will work.
Link: Talk about how the combination of instruments makes the piece sound good.

Clay men – Take some clay and shape it into a humanoid shape. Pass the man around getting each child to break off a small piece. As each child takes a piece, get them to tell you what the man couldn’t do now that he’s missing the piece they took.
Link: We suffer when one part is missing.




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