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Body of Believers (1 Corinthians 12) | Craft

body of believers split pin man

This is probably the most traditional of crafts for making a moving body – using split pins!

split pin man setup

To make this craft, you will need the 1-page template printout, scissors, and 5 split pins (or 4+ glue if gluing the head).
Cut out all the shapes along the black lines.

split pin man process

Find the stars on the ends of the limbs and edges of the body. Line up the stars with a standard size hole punch.
You may need to remove the tray to see.

split pin man combination

Staring with the neck and head, line up the two holes and attach with a split pin. Bending the arms of the pin out as flat as possible. Continue round the body. You may want to attach one end of the pin to each limb with a little tape.

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A4 size
(210 x 297 mm)

Download colour


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2 responses to “Body of Believers (1 Corinthians 12) | Craft”

  1. I am tracing anout Unity in Romans 14 to kindergartens and would like some activities to taking with the lesson. Your suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • So sorry Blondell, I missed this message in the general chaos of everyday life. I have some kindergarten resources but most are aimed at an older age. I frustratingly don’t have anything ready in my arsenal of material or ideas to adapt I could pass on to you right now.

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