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The Question about Taxes (Matthew 22) | Games


The Question about Taxes (Matthew 22) - Games


The question about taxes isn’t really asking Jesus’s opinion on economic systems, it’s trying to trap him. These games play with the idea of questions, the odd pairing of the Herodians and the Pharisees and even give a nudge to what taxes are because sometimes kids get confused on this passage simply by this unknown word.




Tricky questions – have two hoops or marked spaces and ask the kid(s) a question they may know the answer to and assign two possible answers, one to each marked area. Have the kids run to the answer they think was right. At the end explain that Jesus managed to stand in both hoops in today’s story.

Unlikely pairs – grab a lot of food types and lay them out for the kids. Get them to pick the most unlikely pairings and challenge them to see if they will taste test their combination – don’t forget the spit bucket!

Payday – Explain that each child must cross the room and touch the paper pinned to the wall. some children must do so while sitting in a seat or otherwise hindered. Give each child three coins or tokens each time they do it, but say they must pay 1 token in tax. How did it feel to give your tokens away. What should we do with the tax tokens? How did it feel to be at a disadvantage?

Question treasure hunt – This is a lovely simple activity but it does take some time to set up. Children search and find a question whose answer tells them where to find the next piece of treasure, alongside the piece of treasure (a jigsaw piece works well) is another question whose answer is the location of the next piece of treasure and so on. Link to questions leading to truths.


No right answer – challenge your kids to find an answer to these questions – let them mine out the encounter starting with the question- talk about how sometimes it’s better not to answer a question directly.

1. If lying is always wrong is it ok to ruin a surprise if asked directly?
2. If a cyclops were to close its eye, is it winking or blinking?
3. When did time begin?
4. If you punch yourself and it hurts, are you weak or are you strong?
5. If you expect the unexpected, doesn’t that make the unexpected expected?
6. Is your answer to this question ‘no’?
7. Does this outfit make me look fat?




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