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The thankful leper (Luke 17) | Games


The 99 Sheep – Luke 15 Games


The story of the thankful leper lends itself well to group activities. These games play with ideas in the passage found in Luke 17.


How Many “Thank You”s? – Print the game by clicking on the image and downloading the file. Start with 10 people/counters and use a dice to move your crowd from Jesus to the priest and back again. Lose one or more every time you land on a space with writing! How many of your crowd of 10 can make it back to Jesus to say thank you? If you lose all your people you are out of the game!
Link: Only one made it back to say thank you.

Group Balance – Write some large numbers on a set of cards and shuffle them. Gather the children together and explain that the first number is the number of people in a group and the second number is the number of hands or feet to be touching the floor. The group then gathers and works out how to balance with the number given. Smaller groups can just use the second number.
Link: Leprosy affects the feeling in your limbs; so lepers may need to work together to do tasks.

Musical Chairs – Set out one less chair than there are players. Dance around the chairs until the music stops and then race to sit down. Anyone without a chair is out of the game. Have the last player, the winner, thank the other players for taking part.
Link: many were healed but only one thanked.

What’s the time Master – this is a nicer version of what’s the time Mr wolf, and so the rules may well already be familiar to the children. The Master (wolf) holds a treat, biscuits perhaps, and rather than shout out ‘dinner time’ and chase them he shouts out ‘prayer time’ and they all have to kneel down.

Dominoes – make a giant set from foam or card and play as a group, it’s a good thing to leave out as an option for distracted children to go back to as well.




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