Tough Questions (Matthew 22) | Craft 2

Tough questions leave you to look at ponder closely, these directional images do the same, you need to line them up carefully to read what they say. However tricky they are also very simple as crafts.

This passage includes lots of questions, but this craft only covers the commandment one, if you’d like the others then just contact me.
 Tough Questions craft 2


link to TPT lesson set

For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), scissors, & a glue stick. THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS ON THIS PRINTOUT.
NB:I used thin card for the photographed version to make it bolder, but paper actually works better.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with No Colour PDF – one page


Cut everything out and score the fold lines. You can skip scoring but it really does make a big difference.


Time to get folding. Make those concertina’s and don’t forget to fold the glue tabs too.


If you wish to add the characters you need to add the base support to the top now. Add glue to the top 1cm of the small concertina and glue it to the big concertina.


Glue it to the big concertina, with the overlap being about 1.5cm.


Fold back into shape and take a moment to even out your concertina. Then turn it over.


Add glue to the tabs on the two long white strips. These will be the supports for your concertina with the glue tabs attached on the back in each corner.


lastly add some glue to the two remaining glue tabs on the small concertina and stick on your characters!


It takes a bit of manoeuvring but if you look closely you can find both question and answer. this is deliberately a bit of a challenge, the question was tough after all!




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