Wedding at Cana (John 2) | Story


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Today’s hero is Jesus, he shows us the gift of PROVISION.

Essential Teachers notes:
There is a lot of details in this story that may peak a child’s interest, the need to finish the house, the wedding clothes, the relationship between the different parties, the idea of a head servant being master of the feast, the expensive water jars and the fascinating idea that Jesus would provide choice wine even if it was before ‘his time’.

I’ve chosen to make this wedding that of Jesus’ brother James, it helps explain why Mary intervened and why Jesus was not only invited but all his crowd was also there. I’ve been careful not to have James and Mary refer to each other as mother and son to be sensitive to those traditions that may struggle with this though their relationship is obviously family of some sort.

Main Passage : John 2

James looked around the house, it was finished, he’d bring his new wife back to see after the wedding feast. Outside he could hear the crowd of friends and family had already arrived, news of a wedding spread fast and he adjusted his new clothes and simple metal crown hoping he looked acceptable. “Come on James” cried Mary from the room below “Your brothers will be waiting at the crossroads and Jesus has brought all his followers along!” James sighed, he hoped the master of the feast realised how big a party was coming. As he came outside the crowd let up a cheer and the musicians seemed to get even louder. He was pushed to the front quickly so they could start the journey.

Dressed in fine embroidered cloth, with a crown upon her head and elaborate jewellery the bride looked beautiful. James sat next to her and watched the party continue. Seven days of celebration, and it was only day 5. He could see the head servant, the ‘master of the feast’ and he was obviously becoming anxious. James desperately wanted to know what was the matter but admitting any problem to the groom would be far too embarrassing.

“James,” came Mary’s voice “James, why are you looking so puzzled, it’s a celebration, do try and look a bit happier”
“Oh” James said with a smile. Perhaps she could help? James motioned for Mary to come close then whispered in her ear;
“I think there is something wrong, look at the master of the feasts” Mary twisted her head round and her eyes met a truly terrified face in the crowd. She stepped lightly away from James and made straight for the servant. He was sweating, shaking and looked close to tears.

Mary stood before the man and waited patiently. The silence stretched on as he tried to decide if he should speak. Finally with a huge sigh he barely whispered “Please tell me the groom brought some wine, all our wine is gone”. Wide eyed Mary looked at the crowd in the room, it was a very busy wedding and her party was certainly the largest, Jesus bringing his crowd of followers had made that even worse. “Let me help” she whispered back to the man and fled across the room to where she could see Jesus.

“Jesus” she hissed in a ‘come here I need you now’ kind of way. He looked apologetically at his friends and went to his mothers side.“They have run out of wine” she said her voice barely above a whisper. “Why does that concern me Mother” came Jesus’ reply “you know it’s not time” he added his voice getting quieter. Mary looked round at Jesus’ large group of friends and started back at him. She grabbed the nearest servant by the wrist and looking them full in the face told them to do whatever Jesus said, then she turned around and left before anyone could say another word.

Jesus looked at the servant then back at his friends and let out a huge sigh. “She didn’t give me much choice did she” he muttered quietly. At the side of the room were some beautiful (and expensive) stone water jars, “go fill those with water” said Jesus to the servant. “how many?” asked the servant for they were large. “I see 6, fill all of them” came Jesus’s reply and the servant nodded and left.

A little while later the servant returned to report the jars were filled. “Fill a jug from one of the stone jars and take a glass to the master of the feast” Jesus said. Looked puzzled he did as he was told. The servant dipped the jug in the stone jar and brought it up dripping, not with water but wine. He started at his hand, now covered in red droplets and lifted his skin to his mouth to taste the sweetness. Hurrying to the master of the feasts he poured a glass of new wine and watched the man as his face too filled with a look of surprise. He in turn hurried to the groom.

“This wine” he exclaimed “This wine is exquisite… everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now” behind him Mary stood shaking her head with a finger on her lips. “Thank you?” muttered James, completely confused. Mary smiled and nodded back.

Today’s hero is Jesus, he shows us the gift of PROVISION.



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