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Who Am I? Simon-Peter-Play


Jesus asks a seemingly simple question and suddenly the slow meander to find food for Jesus’ friends becomes a pivotal moment. There are so many symbols and ideas packed into these few verses, identity, naming, foundations, kingdoms, keys… here are just a few games to get you started.



Incomplete – using the jigsaws to give the child 12 pieces with only one complete picture. Talk about how God knows us completely and wants us to know him. the pdf is accessible by clicking on the picture.


The key relay – this is best played with a bowl full or keys and just one padlock per team/child, but if you don’t have that then you can use envelopes key alternatives inside. Place the bowl of keys or alternatives at one side of the room, have the child run and collect a key and bring it back to their lock – repeat, returning keys, until you open your lock.


Who am I? – also known as the post it notes game. Write the name of someone the child will know and stick it to their forehead. the child then has to guess ‘who they are’ by asking questions that can only be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’


Supporting limbs – have the youngsters get into small groups of 3-4 people. The idea of the game is for the group to support each other so that not everyone has to stand on the floor. Nobody is allowed to sit on the floor. Roll 2 dice, one for number of feet that can be touching the floor, the second for the number of hands that can be touching the floor. ( hints : just pick numbers if you don’t have dice and try balancing on knees) Talk about how sometimes we need the support of those around us.


Name scramble – In this game you are trying to build a name by searching for letters. When the children arrive write their names on small squares of paper, one letter at a time. Drop the letters into a large tub filled with rice or some other filling material like shredded paper. Have the kids dig out the letters until you build a name. Substitute the paper for fridge magnet letters or similar if you are sure of your kids in advance.





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